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As data security becomes critical for more companies, many of those companies are turning to off-site data centers to securely house their critical systems.

While data facilities in general provide an increased level of security for a company's sensitive data, not all providers are equal in their security standards. Some offer different types of security measures and some are simply better than others.

When searching for an off-site data center for your business, it is important to find a provider that fits the needs of your organization. The security needs of every company are different and finding a center tailored to yours will ensure the best security at the best possible cost.

While security needs differ from company to company, there are three things every organization should look for in a data center. While providers may offer a list of other security options, these are the three fundamentals of data security.

1. Multiple Locations
When it comes to client data or other sensitive data, a data storage facility with multiple locations across the country will offer some positive advantages.

The most obvious benefit is redundancy. With multiple secure locations, an extra layer of security exists, protecting your data. Disaster recovery becomes an easy issue when data is replicated in more than one location.

2. SAS 70 Type II Compliance
SAS 70 Type II compliance is the most widely recognized auditing standard for colocation and data storage centers. This has become almost mandatory for any company looking to house their data off-site.

SAS 70 is a third-party audit of the data facility, giving you measurable assurance that security procedures are truly being followed and adhered to. With this stamp of approval, there is no guessing at how secure your data center really is. When it comes to trusting your critical data with a data center supplier, this is a no-brainer.

3. Secure Facility
The security of your data is only as good as the security of the facility it is housed in. When researching data centers, take a close look at the security features available within the physical premises.

A secure facility should restrict access throughout the building with multi-layer access requirements. This may include things like fingerprint scanners and secure key-card authentication.

In addition, a data center should include camera surveillance and on-site personnel 24/7. Support should be available at all times and systems continuously monitored. This allows for immediate response in an emergency situation.

Finally, a secure facility should include proper power backup with generators or batteries for uninterrupted uptime. Advanced cooling systems should also be in place to prevent any hardware issues.

When it comes to your organization's critical data, do the research to be sure it's in safe hands. Many data centers offer a suite of premium security features at different pricing levels. You will need to decide what features make the most sense for your business. But before considering any additional features, start by verifying that all data center providers on your due-diligence list meet these fundamental requirements.

Ryan McSparran is a Colorado-based business writer covering topics that affect organizations along the Front-Range. Ryan's work includes organizational development and Denver data center issues.

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