5 Ways to Add Value to Your Website and Increase Sales

All people and businesses want their website to be successful and profitable, right? One of the worst mistakes that a business can make is thinking that tons of web visitors equivalate to tons of customers. Let’s get something straight: high web traffic does not equal clients! It may feel like a breath of fresh air to watch your monthly website visitors increase, but unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that you are making sales. Aside from making your website look visually appealing, you have to find some way to let your audience know that you can solve their problems. Listed below are five simple things you can do to add value to your website and make more sales. The most important part of this is letting your audience know that you can solve their issues! 

1. Illustrate That You Have What They Need

It would be very surprising if visitors came to your website because they wanted to learn about coaching. They need someone to coach them and turn their current issues into opportunities. Consider the following suggestion: instead of listing testimonials raving about your practice, describe the situations in which your top clients found themselves and how you helped them. That way, the visitor has a perspective and can see a practical application of your skills. You will be seen as a person instead of a website. 

2. Provide a Newsletter 

For repeat visitors, acquire email addresses in order to market to them later. Since a relationship takes time, a weekly or monthly newsletter allows visitors to warm up to you. They will have the opportunity to hear your voice and understand your mission! This also gives you a great chance to update your current customers and entice them to come back for more. 

3. Offer Free Resources

Offer all the resources that you can! These can be in the form of Top-10 lists, free ebooks, step-by-step guides, or even checklists. These are all brochures for your business and they tell the client who you are. Give your clients material to allow you to stand out among the numerous websites being browsed.

4. Speak Directly to the Visitor

Tell your visitors you can help them! Most visitors are looking for someone or something to help them achieve a goal. Sometimes this need is subconscious and sometimes it’s an active pursuit. Stand up for your work. Speak up. If you can’t help, you can refer them to someone who can. Give them resources. Perhaps you can even offer a free session with no additional obligation.

5. Invest Wisely

Nobody takes a self-made website seriously unless you have solid computer science knowledge. Invest in a credible website that looks slick and professional. While a brand-new website can run between $1,000 and $10,000, a client can be worth up to $25,000 in his or her relationship with you. Don’t feel guilty about spending the money to hire a talented designer who understands your work. Remember: a shoddy website is the same as showing up for a business meeting in jeans and a ripped tee. Put your best foot forward. If you need help with website design or hosting, we are your people! Click the links above to get started.

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