6 Ways Online Marketing Can Grow Your Business

Online Marketing: Your Path to Business Growth

We use digital tech daily to surf the internet, to connect with other people, and to read and
contribute to social media. All types of people are online all hours of the day and night. Could
some of these people be in your target audience? How can you find your potential customers
and convert them into actual customers?

If you want your business to grow, invest in online marketing to get maximum exposure to your
audience. Let’s look into some of the key characteristics of online marketing and how it can fuel

Takes Advantage of Customer Habits

Most people in your target audience use multiple computer devices, although mobile phones
reign supreme when it comes to the #1 way that people access the internet. When a customer
finds one of your ads or social media sites, they may link to your website next. It’s a mistake to
make a website for a desktop computer and expect it to perform well on mobile. Create your
website to include all device formats, including mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

People are on their devices, searching, surfing, communicating, being entertained, and
completing tasks. How can you find them and put your message in front of them? With good
audience research, you can send your message to your customers while they’re just going
about their regular activities. If someone is on Facebook, they’ll see your Facebook Ad. Same
with Twitter or simply on Google Search. There’s a power in that connection that comes
naturally, creating a feeling to link to your site to find out more.

Inexpensive, Sometimes Free

Online marketing doesn’t always take a significant financial investment. For example, active
social media accounts and customer email are cost effective ways to reach your audience.
You’ve already invested in a website, right? If it was developed by a pro and optimized for
search, potential customers will find you online through the right key words, no extra
investment needed. Whatever types of online marketing you employ, it will cost a lot less than
traditional advertising and marketing and can produce faster results.

The Cost-Benefit of Pay-Per-Click Ads

Appropriately targeted pay-per-click ads can convert sales quickly. If someone searches online
for a type of service or product in their geographic area, your PPC ads show on the screen. An
interested customer will click and potentially make a purchase in short order. On the other
hand, you can invest a lot of money in poorly targeted pay-per-click advertising that doesn’t
result in sales, so do your research and plan carefully, or get the help of a pay-per-click expert.

Your New Best Friend, Analytics

Business owners love feedback. They want to know if what they’re doing in marketing is
creating sales. Your online marketing efforts are testable and measurable. You can try an
approach and tweak it if it isn’t working, or quickly go in a better direction when something in
the marketplace changes. You can get automatically generated analytics that will guide you to
your best online marketing strategy and greater profits.

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