A Brief Guide To Web Hosting

The internet is an amazing place, but it couldn’t exist without web hosting. Web hosting refers to the servers which are used to “store” websites and provide accessibility for the users who frequent these websites. There are three types of servers which a company can use. They’re categorized by their cost, which dictates the space, security, and other features they provide the website.

Free Servers

Websites which provide free access usually run on a free server. The server is open to anyone with an account and the website allows use for anybody who signs up. Many social media platforms, such as Facebook and Myspace, use free servers.

These websites allow people to post pictures and comments on the site but are also designed to feature ads targeted at the userbase. The website does not belong to the people posting on it, but the company who built it. The activities on it are free but still controlled by the website itself.

Shared Servers

Shared servers allow you to build websites affordably and may even offer templates for you to choose from. Shared servers are actually what they sound like, as you’ll be “sharing” the server with other websites, which limits the space and bandwidth you have to work with. Shared servers are best for small businesses who don’t receive a large amount of traffic, as they’re affordable and provide access, without being overly reliance on high maintenance or traffic needs. Shared servers are similar to free servers, though there is a fee associated with their use. Companies who use shared servers also have a bit more freedom in terms of their ads and ad revenue.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are the most expensive but also the most “exclusive,” by definition. A dedicated server with host your company’s website and only your company’s website. A dedicated server offers greater control over websites.

These servers have increased space and bandwidth to accommodate a huge number of daily visitors and offer total control over everything you place on the website, including all content and ads. Dedicated servers allow you to host your own website, which offers a great amount of freedom; it may actually save you money as well, even though it’s generally more expensive.