Browser Cache Quick Tip

If you are a web developer or even a heavy browser user you have probably run into a browser cache issue over time. I know I am constantly dealing with clearing my browser history because my WordPress security plugin logged me out of WP Dashboard. This is a huge pain to go into chrome settings select just cache and only the past hour so that I can keep all my good browser history.

Today I found a solution. I looked around for some browser Cache clearing plugins for Chrome and tested a few hour. I landed on Clear Cache by Benjamin Bojko. This plugin gives me a quick icon next to the address bar that I can simply click and it clears my Cache. The cool think about Benjamin Bojko Clear Cache plugin is that I can configure it to only remove the Browser data that I want. So I have it set to only delete cookies and Cache that are 1 hour old. Having it configured like that gives me a very fast way to clear the data I want cleared from my browser when i am working on something.

I also allow the plugin for use in incognito mode, I am not sure yet if that will provide me with any additional benefits or not.


You can find this plugin in the Chrome Store if you want to try it out.

I hope you found this article helpful.

Thank you

Ken Cox