Creating Quality Backlinks To Your Website

If you own a website, you know the importance of consistent and high traffic volumes but getting
people to visit your site is often easier said than done. Luckily, there are many ways to build quality
backlinks in order to improve your SEO and garner greater traffic on a consistent basis.

The Broken Link Method

In this method, you’ll get in touch with a “webmaster” and report broken links on their website. As you
do this, you should suggest a link to your own website, helping both parties at once. The webmaster will
be grateful for your help in fixing their website, and you’ll have a link or two added to their site that
others can find and click on.

The Skyscraper

This method is simple and straightforward and involves only three steps. First, you should find some
content with many links linking to it. Then, you write or build better content than the piece you’ve found
and publish it on your own website. Finally, contact the owner of the original link and inquire if they’d
rather link to your piece of content instead. Many will take you up on the offer and you’ll have a quality

Create An Infographic

Infographics are easy to read and share around, so building one will create an organic and efficient
network of links which people can click on to visit your website. As long as you include a great number
of links and add it to your website and other social media accounts, the traffic will come flowing in.

Write Guest Articles

Putting content on websites other than your own is a great way to attract more eyeballs and have
people read your work without having to visit your website directly. If they appreciate and enjoy what
they read, they’ll hop on over to your site and continue to read through your material. This is a great
method for backlinking and increasing your reputation and social media count.

Imitate Your Competitors

One of the most effective methods for creating traffic and creating backlinks is to know what your
competitors are doing. Although you shouldn’t copy them outright, you can do a fair bit of “spying” to
see what’s working for them and how you can imitate their successful strategies, while also avoiding the
steps and techniques that aren’t working for them.

Promote Your Work

You can actually cut out much of the middleman and approach webmasters yourself. Sending over a
friendly e-mail is a great way to get noticed and have them promote your work on their own websites.
You can backlink to this work and garner a larger following in a faster and more consistent manner.

Write A Testimonial

Oftentimes, webmasters and business owners will give you a backlink and shoutout if you write a
testimonial for their company. This can be done quickly and you can spread your work around quickly by
giving people reviews and commenting on their business. You’ll be helping them improve their company
while giving yourself an easy catalog of backlinks for users to find your website.


Businesses and individuals who donate to charitable organizations usually receive a link on the
organization’s webpage. You can use the power of charity to enhance your traffic and intrigue people as
to what your website and brand are all about, while receiving a handsome tax write-off at the same
time. Be sure to send your URL with your charitable contribution to your chosen organization.

Sit Down For An Interview

If you have status in your industry or are well known, you can sit down for an interview and provide the
links to your website. Many interviewers will link to your website when posting the interview and
encourage their readers and listeners to visit your site.

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