DataVault Office 365 Email Data Protection

The Ultimate Protection for Office 365’s Email, Contacts, Calendars, and Attachments
Many individuals assume that Microsoft® backs up their Office 365® email data but, in fact, it only replicates the data across its data centers.  Unfortunately, replication in the cloud only provides data availability.  It does not protect against data loss or provide point-in-time data archiving.  With replication only, if a user accidentally deletes a mailbox or email, or a cyber-criminal maliciously deletes your data, you have most likely lost that data for good.  When your customer deletes an item from a mailbox, it stays in the “deleted items” folder for only a short period of time before being completely removed.  Once a message, contact, or attachment is removed from Office 365, it is forever lost unless there is a point-in-time backup of that specific data.  With the scalability and amazing data protection capabilities of the Hostirian DataVault Cloud, you can easily back up all your  mailbox data to ensure you have complete protection of your Office 365 mailboxes and enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is safe.


Configuring backups for Office 365 email is extremely easy.  The Hostirian DataVault agent connects to your Microsoft subscription and provides full visibility into the environment.  The backup solution automatically syncs with each customer’s Office 365 configuration and automatically recognizes new mailboxes as they are created.  You can create custom backup plans for each mailbox, or enable default protection settings with just a few clicks.


Using the efficient web-based console, you can preview and search your mail by subject, to/from and sent/received date ranges, and download attachments without the need to recover the data.  Additionally, you can granularity restore individual emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, and tasks or even recover messages by sending them as an email right from the recovery console.  If you or your customers choose to use Hostirian DataVault storage to store data,  you can trust that the data is safe in the Tier-IV, SSAE-certified data center of your choosing.  Hostirian DataVault is also secure with in-transit and at-rest AES-256 encryption, and customer-specific login controls ensure the privacy of customer data wherever you choose to store it.


Hostirian recognizes that as a Microsoft Office 365 partner, you are already an expert in the cloud reseller business.  While our cloud-based management console is easy and complete, your business may already be built around another cloud automation platform.  For this reason, Hostirian DataVault is designed to easily integrate with powerful cloud provisioning tools, such as Odin Service Automation, so that you can incorporate backup-as-a-service into your existing sales platform.  By aligning the sale of data backup with the sale of Microsoft Office 365, you can easily add valuable services to every new opportunity and significantly increase the available margin on all Office 365 sales.

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