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Lost data leads to costly downtime, customer dissatisfaction, regulatory fines and lost revenue.  As a result, business owners must meet extremely high expectations. A company’s data should always be protected and available 24 hours a day.

Hostirian has partnered with Acronis to give you DataVault. It delivers the data protection that meets today’s demands with superior service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It keeps your business running, protecting any workload, scaling without limits and saving you money.



Extension for Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack DataVault’s Acronis Backup Cloud Extension for Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack is part of an exciting multi-tenant, multi-tiered service that lets you quickly reduce costs and scale your business while ensuring optimal protection of your cloud infrastructure’s data.  VM Extensions deploy agents inside your Azure virtual machines (VMs) so you can centrally subscribe and deploy the backup service through the Azure Stack portal reducing management overhead and improving IT productivity.


You can also deploy agents using Azure PowerShell APIs and manage the backup service centrally using the DataVault Backup Console.  You can securely back up both cloud virtual machines and their on-premise infrastructure to DataVault Cloud storage, your own storage, or utilize your existing Azure storage account.  As your storage requirements increase, you can add additional storage at anytime.  Depending on the storage option you choose, you can capitalize (CAPEX) or expense (OPEX) your storage investment and take advantage of any excess capacity in your existing infrastructure.



Easily configure DataVault’s Acronis Backup Cloud using the Azure Stack portal and include the service in the Azure subscription plan.  Specify the secure cloud locations where your data will be stored to ensure compliance with regional regulations.


Account and Subscription Management
You can easily enable/disable a backup service subscription account from the Microsoft Azure Stack portal as needed.  Removing a subscription in the portal will delete the account in DataVault’s Acronis Backup Cloud and let you recover all storage associated with the subscription.


Usage Reporting
DataVault’s Acronis Backup Cloud reports utilization in the Microsoft Azure Stack portal so you can easily monitor usage from a single interface.

You can customize or white label the solution to further promote and improve your brand image while leveraging the strength of the Acronis DataVault brand.


Subscribing to the Backup Service
The onboarding process is flexible so it can easily adapt to your business operations.  You can onboard systems or departments using the Microsoft Azure Stack portal or you can integrate DataVault’s Acronis Backup Cloud back-end with your existing provisioning and billing systems and use those systems for complete management.  You can subscribe to the service directly using the Azure Stack portal. After onboarding, you will then have access to the DataVault console and can manage your backups.


Scalable Resource Management
DataVault simplifies business operations with cloud automation.  You may increase or decrease the level of resources in your current plan as your business dictates, using the Azure Stack portal.  DataVault Backup Cloud will automatically update subscription quotas so you can easily track your usage.


Self-Service File Recovery
You can easily recover your files or folders by simply logging onto the DataVault backup console and selecting the files and folders you need to recover.  The efficient web-based console lets you easily recover using any browser from any location worldwide.  With Virtual Machine Recovery you can recover your entire virtual machine(s) by logging into the DataVault backup console and selecting the virtual machines you need to recover.  DataVault’s Acronis Universal Restore lets you completely recover or migrate to the same or disimilar hardware (P2V, V2V, V2P, and P2P).  Any physical or virtual machine can be easily recovered and migrated to an Azure Stack.

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