Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting can sound extremely tempting. But, like everything else that is free, there is usually a catch. The catch is typically that the web host will put ads on your website, and you won’t have any control over these ads. This is the true price you pay for your free website.

However, you can’t blame the host; they have to generate income somehow, and what better way than to promote their ads on your website? Every time someone visits your website, they are hit with a barrage of ads. These ads can overwhelm your page, causing visitors to accidentally click on them. 

Once someone clicks on an ad on your free web page, they can then expect to receive quite a bit of e-mail from the site they clicked on and any other similar business. This is a recipe for people to add you to their “do not visit” website list and even consider your reputable business spam just because of the number of ads on your website.

Free web hosting is fine if you want to have a social page, a resume page or even a small website devoted to a celebrity. For business revenue, however, it is not the best choice.

Although you may have the most wonderful products for sale through your website at bargain prices, you can only sell them if people actually visit your page. Using free web hosting puts a lot of limits on you. In most cases, you can only have one account and you can’t post links between accounts. Most free web hosting is for personal purposes only and will rarely allow business selling.  

If you want to make money on the internet, the way to do it is with a dedicated server. This way, you have the control to choose which ads you place on your website, and they will generate income for you, not some random host.

You can also use the extra space to make up other websites that can use keywords to draw people to your sales website. The content with keywords shows up on the search engines, and people are directed to your small content site. Here, they read some information and receive a link to your money-making site.

Free web hosting is a good choice for those who only want to use the internet from time to time, but not for the purpose of making money or for reputable businesses.  

Even a shared server, which is a step up from a free server, only gives you more space and bandwidth. Your freedom is still limited with shared servers. To truly make money on the internet, you have to make use of all available aspects, including ads and affiliate links.  

Advertising on the internet can be free if you understand how to use the search engines to generate interest in your products as well as use a dedicated server to its maximum abilities. While a free web hosting service is a fine idea for a personal website that can help you keep your family updated about your life, it is not the way to make money on the internet. So eat the initial investment of a reputable, dedicated server. It is well worth the investment in terms of credibility, trust, and revenue.