Make common help desk issues a thing of the past

Our outsourced Help Desk for Managed Services Providers and Software as a Service companies.

Keeping your IT help desk up and running is an ongoing challenge—one made infinitely harder when dealing with outdated systems and insufficient communication tools. But there’s a way to overcome your top help desk challenges with ease.

Tackle the most common issues contributing to help desk inefficiency.

Unstructured Phone Queues
Leads your clients to confusion
Centralized Client Support Emails
Prevent issues from hiding in your employees inbox.
Long Reply Times
Clients are expecting you to be ready all the time. Prevent them from waiting hours overnight to get a simple reply that someone is looking at their issue
Lost Issues and Tracking
These days client will not give you many chances to resolve an issue. They don't have any issue finding a new service or provider.
Wasting Engineers Valuable Time
Your Engineers want to solve big problems and make your company money. Let them do that and take the simple Level 1 tasks off their plate.


$ 250 Monthly
  • 24X7X365
  • Holiday $100 Each
  • Up to 10 incidents
  • Phone Only
  • Live Chat available


$ 500 Monthly
  • 24X7X365
  • Holidays $75.00 Each
  • Up to 20 incidents
  • Monitoring of 5 devices
  • Phone and Email
  • Live Chat available


$ 1700 Monthly
  • 24X7X365
  • Holidays included
  • Up to 100 incidents
  • Monitoring of 20 devices
  • Phone and Email
  • Live Chat available

Communication is key to success!
we Provide 3 support methods.


Our Support staff is physically located in the data-center so if you have an issue with your server they are here to help you resolve it immediately. You don't have to wait or play the phone tag game to get a hold of someone who can actually help you with your problem.

E-Mail Support

There are several questions that come up during the day that you may not need to call someone about. We also have Forever Email support. We answer all emails within 24 hours but most of the time we knock it out within an hour of getting your request or question.

Live Support Chat





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