Hostirian Maintenance Notification #20210208-001


Hostirian will be working with an electrician to hook up a backup generator at our Borman Drive location while the production generator is in maintenance.


Start: Monday, 02/08/2021, 09:00 AM central
End: Monday, 02/08/2021, 05:00 PM central


There will be a one-hour window during the transition of generators where we will not have a generator hooked up to the building. During this time, there is a very small chance that a power outage could occur while we are hooking up the backup generator. Though, the chance of that happening is very slim. If there is any inclement weather in the area, we will reschedule maintenance for another date to ensure a smooth transition.


Hostirian is completing this maintenance to ensure the reliability of your service. We pride ourselves on clear communication, speed, accuracy, and reliability when it comes to what we do. We are committed to maintaining the undeniably remarkable customer service that we have provided for 20 years. Your satisfaction is very important to us! Thank you for your unwavering trust and patience as we complete this maintenance.

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