Is Cloud Computing Safe?

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the world of IT by making new things possible, saving time and money, and therefore, decreasing overall IT costs, allowing companies to spend more money on other big picture strategies and goals. 

But, as we all know, everything in life that has a bright side also has a dark side, and the cloud is no exception, mainly when we talk about safety concerns. The cloud mechanisms are controlled by unseen people in unknown locations, which leads some people to feel uneasy about the cloud’s safety. 

Safety Concerns 

There are two major loopholes when it comes to cloud safety. First, many people express concerns about hackers gaining access to sensitive data stored in the cloud. Hackers can then capitalize on that data and use it to cripple your business. 

The second type of concern is the malfunction of the infrastructure by the cloud storage services. There are a few companies such as Ma.gnolia that have collapsed, losing vital client data forever. 

There is no question that these concerns are real. But, the answer to safety lies within your cloud service provider. Before you register for a free account or hire a cloud storage company’s services, you need to do some thorough research and read about their terms and conditions. But don’t stop there; reach out and ask the company to address all of your safety concerns. 

You may be pleasantly surprised to find out about all of the safety policies available and the proactive measures a lot of cloud service providers take to safeguard data. For example, in case data is compromised or lost, many providers will know how to remedy the situation ASAP. Other providers are so confident in their security practices that they say there is no cause for concern. It’s very encouraging to hear this, but for the utmost protection, you will just want to ensure you are covered in the contract or agreement you sign before entering into a partnership with a cloud services provider. 

Cloud Service Provider Checklist 

You want to work with a cloud service provider who: 

• Stores a backup copy of all your data. 

• Is transparent with you about what procedures to follow in case something bad were to happen and your data becomes compromised. 

• Is a reputable company with reviews to back it up. 

The harsh reality is that not every cloud storage service is worth considering. 

In life, there are no guarantees, and in this regard, you need to be prepared with an assurance from the cloud service provider. Also, be very keen and conduct thorough research and know what the laws in your area state about cloud safety. But, don’t stop there. The country where the dedicated private servers are stored will have certain laws governing the operations; seek to find out whether you can find proper reprieve if anything goes wrong in a different location. 

Is Cloud Computing Safe? 

Cloud computing has its own flaws, and despite all the benefits, there are still deep concerns lingering around safety. It is not perfect or foolproof, and to avoid suffering the consequences of cloud insecurity, be proactive to make sure that you have a plan B or that you know where to turn if anything goes seriously wrong. 

A plan B can be keeping your own personal backup of all your data. It is worth adding that cases of hacking and loss of databases in clouds are rare, but it can happen. Give yourself some peace of mind by choosing a cloud provider who provides you with detailed explanations of their practices to safeguard data and their plan of action should something go wrong.