Make Someone’s Day with a Handwritten Letter

Handwritten letters are a lost art of the modern century. Nowadays, it’s almost unheard of to receive such a golden egg. It’s a rare commodity. Although they are not as common as they once were, we can all relate to the excitement that comes along with opening an envelope addressed to us. If we find them so exciting, then why are they so rare?

Handwritten letters symbolize so much more than simple thoughts penned to paper. They symbolize the thought and effort that went into the jumble of words that ended up in your hands. They stand for deliberation and purpose. 

We live in a world that is purely reactionary. As much as we love technology, it has altered the world in which we live. It has caused us to expect quick replies and receive fast solutions. We live in a world where news and information can be accessed with the touch of a finger. We live in a world that refuels itself through an instantaneous response. Things like texts, emails, and calls demand our immediate attention. Face it, our lives are a whirlwind of swift acknowledgment.

Handwritten letters are gentle reminders that it’s okay to slow down and pause to think. They are physical proof of our intention to tell a person how we really feel. Taking the time to write a thoughtful note displays the importance of the relationship. 

We recently received a short, yet immensely appreciated “Thank You” note from a customer a few weeks ago. She praised the work and support of one of our NOC Technicians. The gesture was so unexpected. It made our day to receive a handwritten note and to visually see how this customer was appreciative of a member of our team! It got us thinking about how one simple action can change somebody’s day and overall point of view. It sure changed ours! 

Handwritten letter we received from a customer

We feel inspired to now pass on that same act of kindness. If you ever have the opportunity to write a note to someone you’re thinking about or thankful for, do it! Don’t let that opportunity slip away! Instead of sending a text, send that friend, family member, or business a letter of your gratitude. We promise it won’t go unnoticed. If you’ve ever received a letter, you know how special it made you feel. Despite the expectations of our current world, we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and send a letter of gratitude! You never know whose day you might change.