Meet Your Success Team: NOC Technician, Praneeth Jasti

Meet Your Success Team: NOC Technician, Praneeth Jasti

If you were to call the Hostirian Customer Support line on a Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday you would most likely talk to Praneeth Jasti, or known to the Hostirian team as PJ. A former biomedical engineering student at Michigan State, Jasti has been one of Hostirian’s leading Network Operational Center (NOC) Technicians since March of this year. The 25-year-old says that even though he’s only been a part of the team for almost 5 months, he feels well adjusted and ready to take on the challenges that each day brings. 

“I answer calls, help people out with basic email support, do password resets, several troubleshoots, and answer chats,” Jasti said. “If there’s an attack going on or high traffic, I alert people if they don’t know already.” 

He says the problems on the job are usually the basic things, such as troubleshooting a device that’s facing issues. He says the best part of the job is that it allows him to learn what he wants to learn. Just recently, Jasti decided to change his academic path and is now pursuing a degree in computer science. Jasti says he’s always been interested in computers and this position has helped him understand what to expect as a student. 

He accredits his keen interest in computers to his father, who runs a tech company in South India. 

“I’ve always been a computer guy. Strangely enough, that’s why I went into biomedical engineering because I was trying to get into robotics and prosthetics,” Jasti said, “I had my first computer in the first grade, in India. It was from my dad’s office. It was this old, beat up, huge box of a computer and it had like 128 MB of Ram. We started playing games and I started fixing network stuff at home, like configuring WIFI when it first came out in India.” 

Born and raised in South India, Jasti moved to the United States 11 years ago to begin secondary education. Since then, his entire family made the move to America. 

“I didn’t like school there (In India), because our school was about 12 hours each day… We started school at 8, it ended at 5 and we had a study hour for 2 hours after. You study whatever you learned that day then you have an exam at the end. Then you start again the next day, ” Jasti said.

Moving to America gave him the freedom to choose his own path. Jasti says that things are different in India. He said that once you choose a career path, you have to stick with it. He says he has enjoyed living in America and having the freedom to learn what he wants. 

“Here, I can switch midway,” Jasi said. “I can switch from biomedical engineering to computer science and I don’t have to lose much of my educational credits.”

He said working for Hostirian has given him a more structured schedule. He schedules his life around his job. When he’s not working for Hostirian Customer Support, Jasti spends his time boxing, working out, and running his own photography business. Jasti says he is looking forward to finishing his degree. One thing that most people don’t know about him is that he can understand four languages: Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and English! 

If you have ever had a good customer service experience with PJ, let us know about it in the comment section! 

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