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Websites vs. Web Funnels: Which is Better?

Nowadays, there’s a hype surrounding funnels that we just don’t understand. Don’t me get wrong, click funnels are great. But no matter how many different ways marketers try to convince you, click funnels cannot replace your website. They just can’t.

Why Social Media is Important for Business Marketing

There’s no getting around it. Your business needs to have an online presence. But, not just that! You need a social media presence! That’s just a fact. Social media is an essential piece to any marketing strategy, whether you have a small business or a giant company.

What is the Cloud?

The cloud… one combination of words that you may only understand as the white cotton candy floating around in the sky. In tech terms, “the cloud” does not refer to anything residing in the sky. It’s actually a “catch-all” phrase that includes many different types of virtual solutions and services.

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