Facebook is once again putting the $41 billion computer network industry to shame

Facebook has produced yet another computer network innovation that will once again floor the $41 billion network techindustry.

And Facebook will again share it with the world for free, putting commercial network tech vendors on notice. (We’re looking at you, Cisco).

The new innovation, revealed on Tuesday, is something called Backpack and it’s a second-generation computer switch, the successor to the one it released last year called the 6-Pack that directly challenged tech made by market leader Cisco (and others, like Juniper).

The difference is, the Backpack is way, way faster.

The 6-Pack was a 40G switch, which means it could stream 40G worth a data around a data center network. The Backpack is an 100G optical switch, which means it’s 2.5 times faster, and using fiber optics (aka light) to move data around instead of the traditional and more limited copper wires.

The Backpack is also a companion to the new switch Facebook announced last spring, called Wedge 100. The Wedge 100 is what’s known as a “top of rack” switch, that connects a computer rack of servers to the network. The Backpack then connects all the Wedge 100 switches together. In network jargon this is known as a “network fabric.”

Facebook is attempting to build itself a fully 100G data center and these two pieces get it much of the way there, along with the network equipment it announced last week that put the telecom equipment industry on notice.

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Twitter Boostrap 3.3.2 Has Been Released

For those of you currently using Twitter Boostrap in your website, Bootstrap announced version 3.3.2 yesterday! The release is focused on bug fixes, accessibility improvements, and documentation updates. It includes over 300 commits from 19 contributors.

Full details of the 3.3.2 release can be found on their blog post.

Twitter Bootstrap is an HTML, CSS, and JS framework that assists in developing responsive websites. They have lots of examples and great documentation to get you started.

BuiltWithBootstrap.com is a good resource to learn more and stay current on Boostrap. They have website examples and also provide Bootstrap news and tips.