Adding Images to your Media Gallery

To create a gallery, go to Add Media in your post editor; on the side you will an option called Create Gallery – all of your previously uploaded images will be available here, just select the ones you would like to include and click Create a New Gallery.

You will then be brought to the Gallery editor, where you can give your pictures captions or change the order of appearance by dragging them around. By default, galleries are set to Attachment Page, which allows users to flip through your images. You can also set this to Media File, which will display the image at full resolution, but if you only want the gallery viewable from the post, you can set it to None.
You can also specify how many columns you would like your images to be in. Checking Random Order will display your images in a random order each time the page is opened. 

When you are finished, click Insert Gallery; you will be able to see a preview of your gallery right in your editor. If you ever need to edit your gallery, simply click it and select the edit icon.

Add Image From URL to WordPress

If there is an image you would like to use for your post, but don’t want to have to download it and re-upload it onto your site, you can use the image’s URL to embed the picture into your post.

First, find an image you would like to use. Right click on the image, and select “Copy Image ULR” (depending on your browser, it may say “Copy Image Address” or “Copy Image Location”).

Now, when you go back to the editor, you will go to “Add Media” and select “Insert from URL”. Right click in the address box, and select “Paste”. This will bring up a thumbnail for the link, and from here you can add some information for you image and adjust its post settings. When you are done, select “Insert into Post”.

Since the image is not actually on your server, you do not have full control over it. If someone changes or deletes the image from the original server, your image will be effected.

You can then either preview your post, or publish.


Uploading images to WordPress

Adding images to your posts not only help to get the point of your content across, but also add to your site’s look and overall completeness!

To upload an image into your post, you can simply drag a picture from your desktop right into your content editor. The image will automatically be uploaded and selected, so that you may adjust its settings.
(Alternatively, you can go to “Upload Files” and use the “Select Files” option to upload images.)

When you are happy with your selection, click “Insert into post”.

How to Add Images from Media Library

If you already have in your media library that you would like to add to your post, simply click “add media” in your editor. WordPress gives you the option to add your own media, but if you click the next tab you will have access to all your previously uploaded content in your media library.

Just select the image you want, adjust the settings how you like, and click “insert into post”. Your image will automatically be added to wherever your cursor was in the post. You can then click preview to see how your post will look, or hit publish to make your post public.