The Best Ways To Tell If A Website Is Built On WordPress

It’s not a surprise that a quarter of the internet owes its processing power to the platform giant, WordPress. After all, its highly customizable and flexible features attract both advanced developers and non-techies alike. It’s a quick way to start site-building, and can compete with most custom-built sites feature-wise.

So how can you tell if a website is built on WordPress? It’s often hidden within a site’s digital seams, but there certainly are ways to find out. Listed here are four of the best.

Scroll down to the Footer

First thing’s first: scroll to the footer! All WordPress sites start with the default footer that screams “Powered by WordPress”. Of course, a lot of site owners change this up upon customizing their site, but there is a good chance that this brand is left there. And if the footer doesn’t give the website away…

Check out the Source Code

Looking into any website’s source code is simpler than it may seem, and can be done on all the popular browsers. Simply right click the page and select “View Page Source”, and a new tab or window will open containing the site’s HTML blueprint. Once you have this page open, you can search through the page (Ctrl+F) for our keyword “WordPress”, or better yet, for files loaded from “wp-content”. If there are hits to these searches, then it is highly likely that the site you are looking at is, indeed, a WordPress site.

Switch up the URL

Another surefire way is to check if some files automatically generated by WordPress exist on their website’s server. Some such files are “license.txt” and “readme.html”, which site owners usually leave activated. To check if these files exist and are accessible, simply append the filename to the site URL, for example: “”. These files will tell you if the site you are looking at is a WordPress site or not.

Another good line to append to the URL is “wp-admin”, which usually takes you to a WordPress sign in page if it’s built with WordPress.

Use an Online Tool or Service

Last but not the least, you can use an online tool or service to help you check out if a site is built on WordPress, and many other details about the site. Sites such as BuiltWith and IsItWP help with such dilemmas, and are really easy to use, too! Simply type in the URL of the site you are curious about on the input areas of these tools, and they will do the work for you.

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