What Is Cloud Computing?

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has proliferated at a blistering rate over the last several years, and for good reason. There are several key benefits associated with using the cloud to get work done, including greater security, storage, and collaboration. 

Google and Amazon have both taken their operations to the cloud and several other large corporations have followed suit. Cloud computing is complex, but there are a few fundamentals which are not too difficult to grasp.

Defining Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is actually quite simple to define; it’s the use and assignment of applications to a third-party server outside your own personal computer. In short, you’re using others’ servers to work, but doing it through your own personal computer. 

These servers hold all of the software and storage space you’re using. The cloud allows companies to store data, access word processors, e-mail services, and other applications, all remotely. There are also more complex applications within the cloud, which makes the cloud a one-stop shop for every computing need individuals or corporations need.


Specialized companies house cloud servers and invest heavily into making sure they both function properly at all times and can cannot be breached by unwanted outside forces. Clouds can be both public and private, with private cloud services usually offering more storage space and additional features. 

The cloud revolution is possible because of these investments, which have made the cloud the easiest and most convenient service to use. All it takes to access the cloud is a web browser and the proper permissions.

Cloud Structures

Cloud computing is made of a “front end” and “back end.” The front end includes what the user sees and the back end encapsulates all of the programs and applications which are stored on the server. Again, there are both public and private clouds. 

Public clouds host multiple companies and services on the same server, whereas private clouds have one dedicated server per company or service. The software used within the cloud is quite complex and known as “middleware.”

In Summary

Cloud computing is quickly becoming the most popular way to do business and operate computers, both at the office and at home. The cloud offers substantial benefits in terms of storage, collaboration, security, and other services. Businesses who want to save money while accessing this convenience are switching over to the cloud day by day.