What To Look For In A Dedicated Server

If the big day has come and your company has finally decided to switch from a free or shared server to a
dedicated server, there’s some information you should know. There are thousands of providers with
dedicated servers to choose from but not all of these will be reliable and provide you with the service
your business needs to function efficiently.

Avoid Disastrous Scenarios

It’s frustrating for both business owners and users when websites go down. This will happen
occasionally, if infrequently, but you should always be able to contact the service provider it can be
disastrous. If you aren’t able to contact your provider, your customers could be shut out of your website
for days at a time, which could potentially cost you tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars in

What To Look For

One of the most important things to look for in a dedicated server provider is excellent customer service
and a response time that goes above and beyond. Oftentimes, dedicated server providers will offer an
extremely cheap price but slack in any many important areas, such as customer service, speed, and
space. Go over your options thoroughly and make sure the quality of your server is high, no matter the

Space is absolutely another key component you want to look for in your server. The entire point of
switching from a free or shared server is to find more space and have the luxury of storing more
information within the cloud, promoting collaboration.

Dedicated servers which don’t provide adequate space are almost never worth the switch, nor the price.
In addition, dedicated servers should always allow the option of expanding your website in the future. If
your server doesn’t have enough space for this to happen, but cautious before signing up for a long-term deal. You never know when your website could use serious expansion.

Security Concerns

Finally, dedicated servers are known for having great security. When you’re looking around for a
dedicated server which can host your website and act as a permanent or near-permanent solution for
the future, you should ensure the server you choose has top-notch security, which you can control and
have substantial input on.

Your server should have encryptions and allow you to backup data in case of an emergency. Always
remember that price is just one consideration to make when choosing a dedicated server. There are
many more components to weight and think through.