Where to Find a Quality Dedicated Server

The cloud is an amazing concept which has helped businesses thrive and serve their customers like
never before. But not all servers within the cloud are created equal, and it may be time for your
company to move off of your shared server. If you’ve undergone expansion and are currently serving
customers at a grater clip, you may need the added security, space, and storage of a dedicated server.

But Where Can You Find One That Works For You?

Shared servers are great for small businesses and sites which don’t hold accommodate much traffic, but
dedicated servers are needed for larger businesses who have a greater customer base and traffic flowing
in and out of their site every hour of every day. Dedicated servers work well for larger businesses
because they focus on only your business, serving your company and no other companies within the
same cloud framework. This means you’re not sharing bandwidth or storage and the functionality of the
server is greater.

Where Can You Find a Dedicated Server?

There are actually thousands of dedicated service providers on the internet. Really, all you have to do is
Google what you’re looking for and where and you’ll be able to find one. However, you want to make
sure to vet the provider you’re planning on signing on with, to make sure they have the proper storage
and space capacities that your company needs. Great dedicated servers will be more expensive, but the
quality is well worth the cost, especially if your company is rapidly expanding and needs the added

You Get What You Pay For

There are many “budget dedicated servers” but these will often have lower customer assistance quality,
which can be fatal if your sit ever goes down or there’s another problem that you can’t solve without
the assistance of your service provider. If you want a dedicated server with quality customer assistance
and an operational guarantee, you’ll have to spend a bit more per month, but again, this cost is well
worth it for a great dedicated server.

Make sure to look through the website of the service provider you choose. Look at testimonials and
other recommendations from other previous customers to ensure you’re pairing with a service provider
who will always be there for you. You also have the choice of paying either an annual fee for your server
or a monthly subscription. Some service providers and allow both options, while others are set into one
or the other.