Windows Dedicated Servers

Using a Dedicated Server

If you’re thinking about switching from a shared or free server to a dedicated server, you’ll want to
research whines servers work for Windows. Whichever server you choose will need to be compatible
with your computer type. As your business grows, you’ll need to move onto dedicated servers because
they provide more bandwidth and greater storage and space considerations. They also have greater
security to protect your most important assets.

Benefits of a Windows Dedicated Server

Subscribing to a Windows dedicated server will enable a greater flow of traffic to your site and your
space will be greatly expanded, allowing you to build a larger and more helpful website. Larger sites are
important if your customers can shop for multiple products from your site and add them to their
shopping carts. It also allows them to save their carts and return at a later date if they need.
There are dozens of dedicated servers which are compatible with Windows, but there are also dedicated
servers which will malfunction and not cooperate when paired with the Windows operating system. You
need to ensure that you choose a server which is compatible with Windows if you use Windows to run
your business. A Windows dedicated server is really one of the only choices for larger businesses who
rely on the operating system to host and maintain their website.

Finding a Windows Dedicated Server

There are many directories and sites dedicated to helping you find a great Windows dedicated server, so
take the time to look around the web and research your options before making a final choice. Dedicated
servers cost more than shared servers, but the cost savings will more than make up for the added cost
of choosing a dedicated server. In addition, Windows dedicated servers have dropped in price because
their general supply has risen over the last few years.

Considerations to Make

When choosing a dedicated server, consider your need for bandwidth and space. Choose a dedicated
server which can properly accommodate your needs and keep your business operating fluidly and
seamlessly. Larger servers will be more expensive but also provide greater bandwidth, enabling you to
host more traffic and users on your site at any given point in time.

Finally, you’ll need to consider customer service and response time. It is possible for a dedicated server
to crash, and you need a service which guarantees fast action so that your customers are not locked out
of your site for a long period of time.

Your I.T. department will not always be able to get the server back up and running so make sure the
service you choose knows what to do and can do it quickly in the event of a server crash. You can talk to
service providers directly to give you an idea of their expertise and knowledge; call up some service
providers today so you know the quality of service you’re getting.